Tokens Distribution Into Game

To receive in-game items, gamers will exchange tokens for in-game gold, so tokens received during an open sale or otherwise will be returned to the game.

In order to prevent the depreciation of tokens, such tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • Return to the general game fund – 35%.
  • Payments under the partner program – 15%. 1)
  • The game royalties – 10%.
  • Burning – 40%.

Game Royalties

The 10% of tokens that remain with the game as a royalty are stored in a separate wallet for 60 months until all tokens intended for open sale are exposed. The decision on how to deal with the tokens on this wallet will be made by the game team later.

Income from Other Sources

For the convenience of gamers who do not want to use the capabilities of cryptocurrencies, they will be able to purchase in-game gold in other ways. However, on a monthly basis, the game team will analyze the income from such sources and burn part of the tokens intended for open sale for this amount.

If there are not enough tokens intended for open sale, tokens for burning for the missing amount will be redeemed from the exchange.

If there isn't a referrer, they are burned.
Page version from 2024-02-04