Dragon Eggs Minting Dates

The minting of the NFT-collection Game of Mages: Dragon Eggs is supposed to take place in five rounds. Mint full price 3.4 SOL (from 2023-10-27 the mint price of 250,000 MAGIO, from 2024-03-20 the mint price of 170,000 MAGIO).

RoundStart DateEnd DateAccessNFT QuantityDiscount
Round 12023-08-182023-08-20WL only88100%
Round 22023-08-252023-08-27WL only80067%
Round 32023-09-082023-09-10WL only92045%
Round 42023-09-152023-09-17Public200033%
Round 52023-09-22Public42000%

NFT not minted within the round move on to the next round.

Depending on the rarity of the combination of traits, holders of each NFT will be awarded a certain number of MAGIO tokens weekly (the exact number of tokens for each trait is indicated in the page of collection).

Accruals will be carried out for 42 weeks and start from 2023-10-06.

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