Everyone who comes to the Secret Valley has a special magical gift. Here mages take a break from the hustle and bustle of their worlds, mine MAGIO and explore the Universe.

When creating a character in the game, you choose the primary school of magic 1) that your character studies. At the beginning of the game, 4 schools will be available: Life, Order, Chaos and Nature.

Each school has its own set of spells. Some of them are similar, some are unique.

During the game, you can change the chosen school, but be careful. The more experience a mage has, the more difficult it is for him to change his habits!


Mana is a special game resource that is consumed in almost every action of a mage: working at magical ventures, sending dragons into flights or fights, growing magical plants, alchemical experiments, casting spells.

Mana can be replenished by drinking a drink in the shop. Other mana replenishment methods will be available soon.

The limit of mana available to a mage at a time is limited by the mage's level x 10. However, the Council of Mages is working on options to enhance this limit.

Mage Characteristics

Mages accumulate both general experience and special skills for various branches of character development.

In addition to experience, mages also have additional characteristics: Impact and Rating.

Experience is required to open up new opportunities such as levels of mastery of the magical art. Mages gain experience of working in Valley ventures, for laying eggs in an incubator, for sending dragons into flights or fights, for alchemical experiments and growing plants.

The quantity of dragons he can control depends on the level of the mage. At levels 1-9, mages can control 1 dragon for each level; at levels 10-13, 2 dragons for each mage level.

Dragon Master is a skill that mages get for laying eggs in an incubator, for sending a dragon by flights or fights.


  • At skill levels 2 and 4, the cost of sending a dragon into flight or fight is reduced by 1 unit;
  • For each skill level, Dragon Endurance recovery increases by 2%.

The amount of experience required to reach the next level:

The basic level of a Mage The level of special skill Experience is required
1 0 0
2 1 150
3 2 450
4 3 900
5 4 1,650
6 5 2,850
7 6 4,800
8 7 7,950
9 8 13,050
10 - 21,300
11 - 34,650
12 - 56,250
13 - 91,200

Rating represents the welfare and level of the mage. Rating points are awarded for ownership, of game items and for increasing levels (both general and special skills). The rating may decrease if the player has fewer game items.

The availability of a mage's Magio and Oro does not affect the rating. In the future, there will be rating upgrade items and rating points for special quests.

Impact is a special talent of a mage. Increases with boosting new levels (including special skills), as well as when growing dragons. The Council of Mages may, at its discretion, assign impact points to any mage who has made a great contribution to the growth of the game. Also, in the future, the winners of special quests will be awarded impact points.

The impact will be used when mages vote on game issues. Other ways of using impact points are also possible.

Magic schools are currently under development.

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