To purchase game resources, as well as for in–game rewards, a MAGIO token is used. The token is issued on the Solana blockchain. The total supply of tokens is 13,000,000,000.

Token Address: 2Pbm3XJQLJNnjxH3qyBqFNBCRWqFgfcnRQwMS1uDoFVN

MAGIO is available for purchase on Famous Token Market. The purchase of a MAGIO token in the game bank is also available.

Illustration. MAGIO on Famous Token Market

Initial token distribution:

  • Pre–sale to early investors - 650,000,000 (5%).
  • Distribution for Dragon Eggs NFT – 1,300,000,000 (10%).
  • Community reward (airdrops, bounties) – 650,000,000 (5%).
  • Mining by gamers inside the game – 7,150,000,000 (55%).
  • Sale on the open market – 3,250,000,000 (25%).

Illustration. Token distribution

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