Features of the Funds Allocated

To maintain the economy of the game, all funds will be distributed according to certain rules that will allow maintaining a balance of supply and demand.

Each fund will be stored in a separate account on the Solana blockchain in order to increase the transparency of its use.

List of funds addresses:

In addition, accounts for the following funds will be added in the future: open market sale fund (hot), monthly gaming fund. We can also add accounts for other funds as needed.

Pre-sale to Early Investors

If the tokens allocated for the pre-sale round of investments are not realized before the release of the game, the remaining funds will be fully transferred to the general fund to pay off gamers inside the game.

Distribution for Dragon Eggs NFT

If, after 42 weeks of accrual of tokens, unallocated tokens remain, for example, part of the NFT will not be minted during this time – all unallocated tokens from this fund will be burned.

Community Reward

A fund for airdrops and bounty payments.

Before the release of the game, up to 30% of this fund will be spent. The remaining funds will be spent in the future, as the occasions arise to distribute them to the community (for example, game birthdays, additional promotions, etc).

Mining by Gamers

Every month, 1% of the total game fund is allocated to reward players in the game.

At the time of major gaming events, the game team has the right to increase this percentage, but not more than before 3% of the fund per month. The increased reward should not be paid for more than 2 consecutive months.

Sale on the Open Market

After the release of the game, 54,000,000 tokens will be available for sale on the open market monthly for 59 months, which is about 0.4% monthly of the total offered tokens. 64,000,000 tokens will be available for open sale in the 60th month.

Thus, in 60 months, all 25% of the tokens allocated for sale on the open market will be put on exchange.

Page version from 2024-04-30