Dragons play a special role in the Game of Mages. It is the dragons who extract game gold (oro) for mages, rarities that are used to grow rarer dragons and in alchemical experiments and, finally, MAGIO.

At the moment, there are 8 genus and 5 levels of rarity of dragons. Dragon eggs of common rarity can be purchased at a magic shop, and a set of magical rarities will be required to grow rarer dragons.

You can also mint a Dragon Eggs NFT and get a dragon from an NFT egg. A dragon grown from such an egg can have bonus stats. In addition, the dragon's rarity is already embedded in the NFT.

Each dragon has a set of characteristics (level, experience, glory, power, flair, speed, endurance) and a lifetime in the Valley, which is 301 days.

After 301 days, the dragon leaves the Valley, going in search of a mate (or adventure – the Council of Mages did not come to a consensus on this issue). Attempts to track how the dragons spend their time outside the Valley have so far failed.

Dragon Genus

At the moment, there are 8 known genus of dragons:

  • Black;
  • Fire;
  • Purple;
  • Emerald;
  • Stone;
  • Elemental;
  • Rainbow;
  • Mystical.

Each genus of dragon has a predisposition to one or another stat, but there is currently no information about which one.

We hope that the inquisitive minds of the newly arrived mages will help shed light on the dependence of stats on the dragon genus.

Stats of dragons

Experience – is accumulated during flights and fights. You can increase the dragon's experience by training on the Training Ground. 1) Any flight, fight or training brings + 1 experience.

Level – depends on accumulated experience. At each new level, the dragon receives one random stat (power, flair, speed or endurance). Depending on the rarity of the dragon, it can have from 2 to 4 levels. Gaining experience for a level is linear. It takes 90 experience points to advance to a higher level. The total number of experience points is unlimited.

Glory – is gained in fights in the Arena of Glory. It is used to select opponents for fights, as well as to calculate the probability of causing critical damage in a fight.

Power – is used in arena fights to deal damage to an opponent.

Flair – used in Treasure Hunts, increases the chance of rarities dropdown and more oro.

Speed – used both in the arena and in flight. In the arena, it helps to dodge an opponent's blow, determines the ability to fly to a particular location in flight and affects the time of return from flight.

Endurance – used both in the arena and in flight. In the arena, it determines the ability to continue the fight. In flights, it is used to calculate the chance to get to the location, if there is a lack of speed.

Rarity of dragons

Dragons are divided into 5 types of rarity: Common, Rare, Epical, Mythical and Legendary.

To grow a dragon of common rarity, simply send an egg to an incubator and wait for your dragon to grow.

Rarer dragons require the use of additional resources (rarities) when laying eggs in an incubator.

The basic rarities for dragon growing are: Magnolia Twig, Nymph's Tear, Bolt of Energy and Stardust.

Additional raritie depends on the dragon genus:

  • Black | Black Pearl;
  • Fire | Bloody Jasper;
  • Purple | Airborn Sapphire;
  • Emerald | Perfect Emerald;
  • Stone | Indigo Diamond;
  • Elemental | Piece of Amber;
  • Rainbow | Rainbow Crystal;
  • Mystical | Dark Ruby.

You will also need to use in-game gold (oro).

Rarity Basic Raritie Additional Raritie Oro Initial Stats Max Level
Common - - - 20 2
Rare 4 units each 1 unit 3,570 24 2
Epical 8 units each 2 units 19,040 30 3
Mythical 16 units each 3 units 51,170 36 3
Legendary 32 units each 5 units 127,330 42 4
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